New in 4.4.1
This release of Browser includes a number of small improvements and fixes:
  • Really long property values will now be truncated by default, with the option of
    Show all
    to reveal the full value.
  • The properties view now shows square brackets
    around lists to they are easier to identify as lists.
  • Any remote guides you visit are now remembered and can be returned to across browser sessions via the
    Neo4j Browser Guides
  • The command
    :use <database-name>
    can now used with aliases on versions of Neo4j that support database aliases (>=4.4). The
    command now also lists any configured database aliases.
This release delivers a new feature in anticipation of the upcoming Neo4j 4.4 release and a number of improvements . Read on to find out more...
Single Sign On (SSO) Support
The imminent launch of Neo4j 4.4 will sees the introduction of SSO support for Enterprise customers, allowing integration with identity providers using OIDC. With configuration, this will be fully supported by Neo4j Browser.
Fixes and Improvements
  • Nodes with very large number of properties (>1,000) now provide
    show more
    show all
    options to load additional properties into the properties view.
CleanShot 2021-11-09 at 12
  • The properties overview now shows the number of relationships/labels after their name.
CleanShot 2021-11-09 at 12
New in 4.3.5
New Properties panel
This release we've changed the way we present node properties. Until now, properties have been displayed in a relatively small area at the bottom of the graph visualisation. We've heard your feedback and suffered the same frustrations ourselves trying to view property-rich nodes in this space.
From this release, properties are now presented in their own dedicated panel. We've also moved the Overview, which was previously split between the top and bottom, to this panel. This Overview will show when you have no nodes selected or hovered. It itemises the labels and types present in the current graph visualisation and allows you to restyle them:
When you hover or select a node or relationship, its properties are displayed in the panel. You can also change styling from this view, just as you can in the Overview:
The panel itself can be collapsed or resized if you need to give more or less space to the graph visualisation. The panel's last expand/collapse state will be remembered and subsequent result frames will observe that latest state, ensuring the panel is where you need it to be.
The property names and values can be copied individually or in bulk for use elsewhere:
And finally, to help you understand the data type of a property, hovering a property will reveal its type.
Help make Browser better
We've optionally been collecting product analytics data from our Browser users running in Neo4j Desktop for some time and we're now rolling this out more widely to other areas you may run Browser. When you run Neo4j Browser outside of Desktop for Aura, you'll now be informed that you're opted into product analytics. This helps us make Browser better, but you will of course be given the option to opt out. When running in Desktop and Aura, product analytics settings will continue to be managed by those applications.
CleanShot 2021-10-13 at 16
We hope you enjoy this latest release and as always look forward to hearing your feedback.
New in 4.3.2
While there are no big new features for this summer release, we've taken the opportunity to make a whole host of small but important bug fixes and improvements. The full change log is available here, but these are the most obvious highlights:
  • If you've ever noticed that navigating the cursor between wrapped lines in long Cypher queries was odd, you'll now see much more conventional cursor movements between lines. CleanShot 2021-08-17 at 18
  • When complex structures (eg a node with all its properties) are returned and viewed in the table view, we now wrap less and make better use of horizontal space. There's also a handy copy shortcut. CleanShot 2021-08-17 at 18
  • When you arrange favorites into folders, you can now export the entire folder to a zip or file of your queries. CleanShot 2021-08-17 at 18
  • And finally, an issue that caused the bottom bar of the result visualisation to disappear in fullscreen mode has been fixed. You can now enjoy fullscreen mode in all its glory again.
We look forward to brining you our next release of Neo4j Browser soon!
New in 4.3.1
We've been busy listening to your feedback and making tweaks to Browser, take a look at what's new in this latest release!
Redesigned result frame
The overall structure of the result frame has been tweaked slightly to make better use of available screen space:
  1. The frame buttons for pinning, collapse, fullscreen and close now appear together in an elevated section. The play button has been moved into the query editor area.
  2. As a result more screen width is now available for you to edit queries.
CleanShot 2021-06-22 at 11
"Send to editor" workflow makes a return
You can once again send your query from a result frame back to the main editor. Simply hold down CMD (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows/Linux) when clicking the the query in a result frame to send it to the main Cypher editor.
We’ve also made improvements to the way the result frame query collapses so it gets out of your way when you don't need it.
CleanShot 2021-06-22 at 11
Improvements to guides
A number of improvements have been made to the guides sidebar, including:
  • More scalable pagination controls for large guides
  • Option to immediately execute queries from Cypher snippets (by clicking play icon)
Support for Neo4j 4.3
We’ve added a small number of changes to support the latest and greatest Neo4j release, including:
  • New Cypher keywords
  • Use of emoji to denote the user’s Home/Default databaseCleanShot 2021-06-22 at 14
And finally we're made a number of bug fixes, including:
  • Rendering of nodes with Large property values in Graph visualisation (eg GDS embeddings)
  • Focusing the reusable editor properly on start of editing
We hope you enjoy this release and look forward to hearing more of your feedback!
New in 4.2.6
New Guided Experience
For a long time the :play command has been part of getting started with Neo4j in Browser, from taking first steps learning Cypher to running the Movies Guide. We wanted to improve that learning experience and have created a new Guides sidebar where you can now view guide content in a more convenient way. These guides stay fixed to the left so you don’t have to worry about pinning or them disappearing from view as you did with the :play command. Instead you can now focus on the guide while keeping the main part of your screen to run queries and see results.
The sidebar also lists the built-in guides available for you to view. You can launch guides directly into the sidebar by typing
:guide [guide name]
in the cypher editor.
We’re keeping the
command for now so you can still run old guides you may have access to that haven’t been migrated to work in the new sidebar format, but our intention is to migrate all content across to work with
over time. As always we’d love to hear your feedback.
Fresh new logo and icons
The Neo4j brand has been refreshed with a new logo. We’ve taken this opportunity to give Browser its own identity with a new icon, look out for it in your browser’s favicon and Neo4j Desktop.
neo4j-logoNew Neo4j Logo
New Browser Icon
New Browser Manual
The first release of the new Browser Manual is now available and covers the key functionality of Browser, different ways it can be deployed and some of the more detailed settings. Let us know if there are more topics you’d like to see it cover.
And finally...
We’ve listened to your feedback and dropped the confirmation message when closing an edited reusable frame. Watch out for us bringing back the ability to send a query from a reusable result frame back to the main Cypher editor in the next release.
Join our user experience feedback sessions
Help us improve user experience for the Neo4j developer tools and have more impact on the future of our products.
We would like to ask you to spend an hour a month for feedback sessions with us, that we will compensate you for.
If you're interested please fill out the form and we'll get back to you, when we can.
New Features in 4.2.3
New Cypher editor
The underpinnings of the editor have been reworked to provide a stronger base for the editor to evolve from. Watch the demo video to get an overview of the new features available in this release.
Reusable result frame
The query in an individual result frame can now be edited and re-run to update the result frame in-situ. Reusable frames maintain their own query history and are tracked by the global history of commands executed.
Reusable Frame-low
Improved Favorites Management
Your favorite queries are now easier to create and manage.
Favorites UI
  1. Create or Update
  2. Create an empty favorite
  3. Individual actions
  4. Bulk actions
Introducing Feature updates and Feedback
We are pleased to offer you a new way to connect with us, provide feedback on Neo4j Browser and stay in touch with all the new features and improvements we make to the product.
Watch this space, right from inside Browser and look for notifications in the Help menu.
Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 4
Hit the
Send Feedback
button when you wish for a new feature or have feedback about an existing one. Or simply go there to see what other users are asking about, join the conversation and upvote the features of interest to you.
We're looking forward to engaging with you here.