Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


This release brings a number of small fixes and improvements:
  • Adds
    :debug connectivity
    command and frame to help debug bolt connections
  • Makes text table display of node information consistent with cypher-shell
  • Adds codes to notifications
  • Fixes a bug where plan view downloads were very low resolution
This release brings a number of fixes and improvements, including:
  • :auto
    now supports newlines
  • Parameters now supported on composite databases
  • Fix for cluster role incorrectly being reported as leader
  • Fix for issues resulting from lost connections
This release brings a number of fixes and improvements, including:
  • Showing alias names in database selector
  • Updating metadata on switching database
  • Fixing indent formatting in nested objects
  • Fixing relationship styling not being applied
  • Improving background metadata fetching behaviour for RBAC users
  • Handling connections to composite databases
This release brings compatibility ready for the Neo4j 5 release.
This maintenance release brings a number of small UI improvements:
  • Graph visualization now zooms to fit on first load
  • Scroll-zoom in graph visualisation now follows mouse position rather than centre of view
  • Minor updates to
It also includes a number of bug fixes, full details available here.
This maintenance release updates a number of procedures to be aligned with newer versions of Neo4j. It also fixes an issue with font rendering in exported PNG images.
This is a patch release that fixes an issue with autocomplete not triggering in the Cypher Editor.
This is a patch release of Neo4j Browser that makes a number of small fixes and improvements.
Single Sign-on (SSO) is now shown as the default auth option when configured and a fix to the
:sys info
command has been made.
New zoom controls and interactions
We now provide scroll interactions to zoom in-and-out of the graph visualisation, providing an alternative to the simple zoom buttons.
With this release, you'll now be able to use trackpad zoom gestures or a mousewheel with a modifier key to zoom in and out of the visualisation. On mac you can trigger zoom with ⌘ + scroll and on Windows and Linux ctrl + scroll. The modifier is required in the normal Browser view so we don't interfere with page scrolling, but in full screen the modifier key isn't required.
We've also added a handy fit-to-screen feature (underneath the zoom buttons) so that you can instantly fit all nodes into the view - handy when you're looking to see all your query results on screen at once.
Updated visualization library
We've made some under the hood upgrades to the d3 visualization library that powers the Browser visualization. You shouldn't see many differences in the overall layout and interactions, but should find the layouts stabilizes more quickly and have slightly smoother interactions on larger result graphs. Do let us know if you have any comments on our feedback page.
Parameter Assistance
Cypher queries with placeholder inputs are most performant when parameterized. These allow the Neo4j query engine to cache the execution plan. If you're not familiar with query parameters you can read more about them here.
Browser today allows you can declare parameters with the :param command for a single parameter, or the :params command to declare an object of parameters.
In this release, we're making it easier for you to construct a params object in the editor. When the query you are trying to execute has undefined parameters, you'll now see a help link under the error to assist you in setting parameters. Clicking it will construct a :params command for you with pre-existing parameters already set and placeholders for you to populate the missing parameters.
We hope this will help new users learn the parameter syntax more easily and be an added convenience for experienced users too.
This release of Browser includes a number of small improvements and fixes:
  • Really long property values will now be truncated by default, with the option of
    Show all
    to reveal the full value.
  • The properties view now shows square brackets
    around lists to they are easier to identify as lists.
  • Any remote guides you visit are now remembered and can be returned to across browser sessions via the
    Neo4j Browser Guides
  • The command
    :use <database-name>
    can now used with aliases on versions of Neo4j that support database aliases (>=4.4). The
    command now also lists any configured database aliases.
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